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THE ONE Grand Show | Schlagerchampions - Das große Fest der Besten 2017

Live-Presentation of 'THE ONE Grand Show' on German TV and Eurovision with Roman Lob and Brigitte Oelke.

An underground party rouses a revue theatre that has stood empty for decades from a deep sleep. A young guest loses himself in the extraordinary aura of this stunning setting. The former theatre director rekindles the splendour and glamour of times past in his mind’s eye. Past and present blur in a euphoric waking dream. While everything dissolves, floats and spins in front of him – and even the floor disappears from beneath him – he senses the support that he seeks: the person that means everything to him. THE ONE.

From 22 September 2016. Tickets from 19.80 euros (incl. fees).

Midnight on Feather Reef | THE ONE Grand Show | Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

Captivating images and a fantastic pop song composed exclusively by BRIT Award winner KT Tunstall: ‘Midnight on Feather Reef’. The unplugged music video was shot in a very fitting location, namely an empty Berlin carpet factory dating from 1865 reminiscent of the abandoned revue theatre from THE ONE Grand Show. Get in the mood for the glamorous World Premiere taking place on 6 October with our 16-member show band and soloists Brigitte Oelke and Echo Award winner Roman Lob. You will then also finally get to see the 500 spectacular costumes by Jean Paul GAULTIER on stage.

Brigitte Oelke // The Private Session

»The Private Session« - Finest acoustic music by Brigitte Oelke

In 2010 we were founding our own little music label called StagePeople. The first release was in 2011 with the debut of »The Private Session«. The idea behind this album was to professionally minimalize some of the most beautiful pop- and rocksongs and purely present them only with vocals, guitar and piano. 

With the support of my dear friend Frank Rohles I was collecting my first experiences as a producer and the result is this beautiful piece of art.

»The Private Session LIVE« was also born in this time and since then I am playing in variously venues, e.g. LOK-Remise St. Gallen, Volksbühne Berlin (Grüner Salon), Theater Bielefeld, TAM Bielefeld. So watch out for my upcoming events. I would like to meet you in one of these »Private Sessions«.

Brigitte Oelke - The Private Session Musicals Vol.1

«The Private Session» Finest acoustic music produced by Brigitte Oelke

The Piano is played by Dominik Franke, a brilliant pianist and musical director who is working on many class A theatre productions.

The cello is played by Ariane Spiegel, a member of the famous formation NEO BAROCK which were honored with one of the most important awards in european music business – ECHO Klassik

Brigitte Oelke - Not While I'm Around (Stephen Sondheim)

Info & Booking: theprivatesession.com // "Not While I'm Around" from the play "Sweeney Todd" // Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim // from the album «The Private Session - Musicals Vol.1» // Recorded live at «Theater am alten Markt (TaM)», Bielefeld June 28th 2015 // Vocals: Brigitte Oelke // Piano: Dominik Franke // Cello: Ariane Spiegel // Camera: Delia Kirchhoff, Katharina Brüger, Oxana Biegler, Thomas Nitowski // Videoproduktion: Thomas Nitowski / canomedia.tv // Additional A/V Editing: Robert Wuerges / stagepeople.com

The Private Session - Brigitte Oelke & DMJ - Daybreak (Barry Manilow)

Brigitte Oelke presents »The Private Session LIVE« ▴ theprivatesession.com ▴ Live at the LOKremise in Saint Gall (CH), January 2013 ▴ Vocals: Brigitte Oelke & David-Michael Johnson ▴ Guitar: Frank Rohles ▴ Piano: Marco Lehnertz

With »The Private Session LIVE« I am sharing a lot of interesting and funny stories that happened on- and offstage and like to get in response with the audience. Every performance becomes a unique experience and we are having a lot of fun together.  

David-Michael Johnson (DMJ), an excellent singer and beloved colleague, has been my dear special guest and he was sharing some wonderful moments with us – watch the video! 

Mr. Rock'n'Rohles is one of the rare Queen-Experts, if it comes to the music, that the master himself, Mr. May, is listening to. Therefore Frank Rohles created a killer-cover-version of Queen's «Don't Stop Me Now» which we perform on my EP - Discover Me !
A must-have for every Queen-Fan ... and guess what ...
Brian and Roger like it!

Brigitte Oelke - Discover Me !

She Will Rock You - The original german Killer Queen from WE WILL ROCK YOU
Brigitte Oelke - We Will Rock You

Brigitte Oelke - We Will Rock Youü

Brigitte Oelke received gold-status with the Original German Cast-Recording of WE WILL ROCL YOU in Germay and Switzerland

Brian May, Roger Taylor (Queen) & Brigitte Oelke

Brian May & Roger Taylor supporting the work of their Killer Queen, Brigitte Oelke

Watch the german promo video and be satisfied by my new album
The Private Session – Musicals Vol.1

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I was having a great time in Vienna in 2015, playing the Killer Queen in WE WILL ROCK YOU

The coolest thing about it was that Queen were playing in the same Venue at the same time. Brian, Roger and me were having the anniversary of playing thegerman production of WE WILL ROCK YOU for more than a decade. Aaaand I was having a day-off. What a lovely twist of fate!

It was such a great pleasure to me meeting Brian and Roger again, after a long time. Sure, it was a bit crowdy because our whole cast was joining after playing the show.

I would like to thank conny.at for providing some of the pictures on this page.

Brigitte Oelke & Martin Berger - A Kind Of Magic - We Will Rock You (Basel)

Musical-Diva Brigitte Oelke als Killer Queen und Martin Berger als Khashoggi in WE WILL ROCK YOU - das Musical von Queen & Ben Elton wewillrockyou.de Music & Lyrics by Roger Taylor Besuche auch die Website von Brigitte Oelke brigitteoelke.com Werde Fan auf facebook.com/brigitteoelke.de und abonniere diesen YouTube-Kanal!

Brigitte Oelke - I Am What I Am (J. Herman)

Brigitte Oelke & ORSO Orchestra & Choral Society // Rock Symphony Night 2013 Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin // Musik & Text: Jerry Herman

Sylvester Levay, Brigitte Oelke & Michael Kunze

Brigitte Oelke meeting the writer and composer of MOZART! - Das Musical

Please listen to the new cast-recording of MOZART! - Das Musical, in which I am singing and playing the role of Cäcilia Weber. The evil mother in law of Amadeus Mozart. amzn.to/1SQQPxNi