Mr. Rock'n'Rohles is one of the rare Queen-Experts, if it comes to the music, that the master himself, Mr. May, is listening to. Therefore Frank Rohles created a killer-cover-version of Queen's «Don't Stop Me Now» which we perform on my EP - Discover Me !
A must-have for every Queen-Fan ... and guess what ...
Brian and Roger like it!

Since I knew I would become the worlds longest playing Killer Queen in WE WILL ROCK YOU - The musical by Queen and Ben Elton, I was releasing a stunning Rock-EP named: Discover Me !

Watch the trailer:

With a little help from my dear friend, Frank Rohles this EP turned out to become a secret collectors item. To be honest, Frank put unbelievably much of his soul to this rockin' jewel. He constantly kept on working real hard to help me and do a great debut in rock music. For this I am very grateful. Considering that I am producing on my own risk, it is very important to work with trustworthy people like him. Thank You, Frank!

Frank Rohles aka Mr. Rock'n'Rohles was the personal choice of Brian May (Queen) to play the guitar for the german premiere of WE WILL ROCK YOU - The musical by Queen and Ben Elton. Brian May also picked him to be the Guitar Supervisor for the following productions of WWRY in Toronto and Zurich.

Frank also composed 4 new songs and one of them is an ode to the role of the Killer Queen. I wonder if you can point it out? If you like Classic-Rock it is definitly worth buying. In this way you support me and my work the best. I am a self-producing artist, producing on a very high (and expensive) level, without the power of a major label, only to provide you and me an excellent audio recording. Support the artist and try new music. Thank you!

Watch the promo video: