The first concert of  »The Private Session LIVE« was in my town of birth, Saint Gall (CH). The venue was sold out and this night became pure magic. It felt so good to be welcomed at my roots with all this love. 

With »The Private Session LIVE« I am sharing a lot of interesting and funny stories that happened on- and offstage and like to get in response with the audience. Every performance becomes a unique experience and we are having a lot of fun together.  

David-Michael Johnson (DMJ), an excellent singer and beloved colleague, has been my dear special guest and he was sharing some wonderful moments with us – watch the video! 

Frank Rohles, one of the most talented guitar-players in our time, was playing a magical guitar. He also supported me in producing the first acoustic album »The Private Session«, which I am still very grateful for. 

The piano has been played by Marco Lehnertz (Keys from Jupiter Jones), who created a colorful atmosphere of music. 

Just like the amazing light-design by Susanne Schemschieß and Rolf Irmer.