The Private SessionFinest acoustic music by Brigitte Oelke

The Piano is played by Dominik Franke, a brilliant pianist and musical director who is working on many class A theatre productions.

The cello is played by Ariane Spiegel, a member of the famous formation NEO BAROCK which were honored with one of the most important awards in european music business – ECHO Klassik

The music has been recorded at the RecPublica Studios with a rare FAZIOLI 228 Piano. The studio was especially built for and around this excellent piano that will touch your soul gently.

By using some of the finest microphones on the market (Brauner; Neumann) we ensured that you will listen to an excellent quality of sound. To complete your listening-experience I took the recordings to MasterLab, Berlin to get finished – one of the leading mastering studios worldwide.

Last but not least I created a very special first edition of the Audio-CD with a golden embossy print and a sticker, which is only available with the CD. A real collectors pearl. You will love it!